Sisters Chapel at Spelman College

Sisters Chapel at Spelman College

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Tuesday, 7/7/20207:30 PM – 8:40 PMConcert: Isabelle Demers
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The Sisters Chapel at Spelman College is located at 350 Spelman Lane, Atlanta, GA 30314.

About the Chapel

Sisters Chapel is the religious and spiritual center of Spelman College. Dedicated in 1927, Sisters Chapel has become a transformative space for Atlanta University Center students who seek to integrate the mind and the spirit, as they aspire to become active and responsible global citizens.

Sisters Chapel embodies a historic and contemporary spirituality of resistance and resilience that encourages women across the world to stand in solidarity with each other on behalf of equality and justice. With a ministry that lies in the intersection of justice and the liberating power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Sisters Chapel is an interfaith, affirming, and extravagantly welcoming space to anyone in earnest search for spiritual rooting.

About the Organ

The Harreld-James pipe organ in historic Sisters Chapel was installed in March 1968 by the Walter J. Holtkamp Company of Cleveland, Ohio. It replaced an impaired Hook and Hastings organ which was installed in 1927 when the chapel was constructed and dedicated. The organ was first used in April 1968, when the body of the slain Martin Luther King, Jr. lay in state for viewing by throngs of people from all over the world. Dedicatory recitals were later performed by Dr. Marilyn Mason, Dr. David Craighead, and the college organist, Dr. Joyce Johnson.

The organ was custom-built with electropneumatic action, and both tonally and visually designed by Walter “Chick” Holtkamp, Jr. At the time, it was the largest Holtkamp organ in the southeastern part of the country. The organ embraces principles of organ building from the Classical era of the 17th and 18th centuries—the tradition of exposing most of the pipes so that they can speak directly with clarity and purity of tone. For the audience, the Great and Positiv divisions are located in the center of the stage, and the Pedal division to the left. The swell division is encased and located to the right of center, and under expression. The three-manual console is mounted on a movable platform. The tonal scheme of each division is complete without the use of inter-manual couplers and has great versatility.

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